August 13, 2016

Is it just my imagination, or has this summer been extra hot?  It seems like there have been more days over 95 degrees than usual this summer, and there’s nothing better on a sweltering day than sinking your teeth into a chunk of cold, juicy watermelon!  I hope you’ve had a chance to enjoy some ripe red watermelon this summer!

What’s extra-specially refreshing about watermelon?  I think it’s the way the juice runs down my arms when I eat it.  Eating watermelon with a fork just doesn’t produce the same result.  Part of the joy of eating watermelon and being refreshed by it involves getting messy!


taste and see watermelon with verse

In the same way, Paul reminds us in his letter to the Colossians that we should allow the Word of God to dwell in us richly.

“Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly…”  (Colossians 3:16, ASV)  

It’s kind of like that watermelon juice running down your arms.  We should bathe ourselves in the Word of God, and just like the watermelon leaves a sticky residue on our hands and arms, the Word should leave its mark on us.

Even if you only read a few verses a day, really read them.  Look for the goodness and love of your Savior.  Listen to what He’s saying to you, and let those words marinate and stay with you for the day.  Let God’s Word dwell in you richly!

And enjoy some juicy, delicious watermelon this weekend – taste and see that the Lord is good!



Dearest Heavenly Father, thank you for your Word!  Thank you that you speak to me through it, and that I can see your love and goodness to me in it.  Thank you for watermelon that refreshes on a hot summer day, and for your Word, which refreshes my soul.  Help me to really read and understand your Word.   Thank you that you are so good!  You’re a good, good Father and you love me!  Marinate me in your love today, Father God!  



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